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12 March 2010

C-TRAN Workers Lose Jobs, Blame County Commission

There are nineteen days left until Clayton County Transit (C-TRAN) shuts down, and employees for the soon-to-be defunct transit agency are learning that after March 31st, they will be out of a job.

C-TRAN, Clayton County's public transportation system, is set to shut down March 31st. Today, C-TRAN employees got word who would be absorbed into MARTA and who would be laid off.

The news is grim. All 70 C-Tran jobs are being terminated. This doesn't include the 17 employees that were already transferred to MARTA. The 70 include managers, bus drivers, mechanics, and office staff.

Shapiro, Jonathan (2010-2-24). MARTA: All C-TRAN Workers Will Be Laid Off. WABE-FM. Retrieved on 2010-3-12.

Bus driver Nichelle Phillips told WABE that she blames the Clayton County Commission for the demise of C-TRAN. And she's right. But blame doesn't end there. Blame also lays on the shoulders of the Clayton County legislative delegation who (excuse my french) have done jackshit to keep the buses running in their county.

It is a true disappointment that the most action members of the Clayton delegation took on C-TRAN was when a DeKalb County state senator took to the Senate floor and chastised ClayCo legislators for not doing enough. That lit a fire under Sen. Valencia Seay (D - Riverdale) as she told that state senator from DeKalb County to stay out of Clayton County's business [Suggs, Ernie (2010-2-17). Senators spar of territory, C-Tran at issue. Gold Dome Live. Retrieved on 2010-3-12.].

Yeah. . .politicians protecting their turf instead of working for the people. Is it any wonder why voters are angry at elected officials who do nothing but posture for the next election.