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27 March 2010

Blue America PAC Endorses John Barrow's Primary Opponent. . .

. . . Because primaries matter.

Blue America PAC today threw its weight behind former state Sen. Regina Thomas in the 12th congressional district Democratic primary. Thomas is challenging three-term Congressman John Barrow.

Blue America also asked supporters to donate money towards getting the following ad on television:

Howie Klein, speaking on behalf of Blue America, cited John Barrow's vote against the health care bill and Thomas' long record of advocating for working families as the reason behind the endorsement.

History will remember this week as the one in which a tremendous stride was made down the road towards universal healthcare. But reactionary Georgia Blue Dog, John Barrow, was on the wrong side of history. A stranger to his own district and out of touch with its people, he voted twice in committee and 4 times on the floor of the House against healthcare reform. He voted against the bill last Sunday, causing an explosion of anger among Democrats back home. And then he arrogantly voted against the Senate reconciliation on Thursday evening, one of only 32 conservative Democrats to cross the aisle and voted with the GOP. But voting with the GOP is his default position on most everything. Does that make sense?

Today Blue America is honored to formally endorse former state Senator Regina Thomas, a strong advocate for working families with a long record in her district and in the state capitol. She offers her neighbors in eastern Georgia a far different outlook than John Barrow. Regina's perspective on governance is pure FDR-- the government is there to protect us from forces outside of our own control, whether that be foreign enemies or domestic predators. If Barrow's #1 concern is holding down taxes for the powerful and immensely rich transnational corporations that have financed his political career, Regina's concern is that the rich and powerful pay their fair share so that the society that has enriched them continues to prosper and thrive for everyone.

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