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03 March 2010

Barrow, Bishop & Marshall Co-Sponsor Balanced Budget Amendment

Tuesday, U.S. Representative Bobby Bright (D - Alabama) introduced an amendment to the Constitution calling for Congress to produce a balanced budget every year [Allen, Jared (2010-3-2). Blue Dogs offer balanced budget amendment to deal with debt. The Hill. Retrieved on 2010-3-3.].

Three Georgia Democrats --John Barrow, Sanford Bishop and Jim Marshall-- signed on as co-sponsors to the legislation.

"Fiscal conservatives have pushed a balanced budget for years, and there is no better time to act on this important goal," Bright said in a news release. "Balancing the budget will force Congress to make tough decisions, and to achieve a balanced budget, we must begin to cut spending. I strongly believe enacting and adhering to the Blue Dogs’ proposals will help achieve the goal of living within our means and bringing fiscal responsibility back to Washington."

Washington needs to get spending under control. A balanced budget amendment is a good step.