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23 March 2010

Barnes Responds To Poythress' Call To Drop Out

Monday, Democratic gubernatorial candidate David Poythress called on former Gov. Roy Barnes to exit the governor's race "for the good of the Party."

I caught up with former Gov. Barnes at the Georgia World Congress Center Monday night, and asked him to respond to the Poythress campaign's renewed call for him to drop out of the governor's race.

"I don't have any response," Barnes said. "I don't talk about other candidates. I run my own platform and I'll let the people decide on July 20th."

[EDITOR'S NOTE]: I've got a lot of audio that I'm reviewing from last night's Jefferson-Jackson Dinner including interviews with Roy Barnes and David Poythress about the two major issues of the 2010 campaign -- jobs and transportation. I'm working on getting those blog entries up as soon as I can.