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23 March 2010

Barnes, Poythress Say Transportation Stalemate Boils Down To Leadership

Two Democratic gubernatorial candidates weighed in on the news that Georgia may be without a way to fund transportation projects due to a stalemate in the state legislature.

The Atlanta Business Chronicle recently reported that for the third consecutive legislative session, a viable transportation plan may fail.

Former Gov. Roy Barnes said the news served as an example of a leadership failure under the Gold Dome.

"If the Governor wants to pass it, it gets passed," Barnes said. "Unfortunately we've had an administration and leadership in the General Assembly that does not think mass transit is important, and it is."

Former Georgia National Guard Adjutant General David Poythress echoed those sentiments while also suggesting that lawmakers are too afraid of being labled "tax and spenders" to get anything done.

"I think this comes down, fundamentally, to a question of leadership," Poythress said. "The current leadership is so afraid that they are going to be tagged as a tax and spend administration that they have been unwilling to do anything even with the consent and the approval of the voters."