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04 March 2010

Ballot Access Bill Hits House Committee Monday

Let's talk about House Bill 1141. The legislation, sponsored by state Rep. Bobby Reese (R - Sugar Hill), would reduce the number of signatures needed for an independent or political body candidate to obtain ballot access.

H.B.1141 is supported by a Georgia Libertarian Party candidate for Secretary of State [Libertarian David Chastain Fires a Broadside in Support of SB 359 and HB 1141 Bludgeon & Skewer. Retrieved on 2010-3-4.].

David Chastain rightly notes that Georgia has some of the most restrictive ballot access laws in the nation. If an individual is not a Democrat or a Republican, well then good luck running for office in this state.

Right now, Georgians only have two choices at the ballot box; a Democrat or a Republican. And that's not right. If an individual wants to run for office, then they should be able to run without having to jump through the dozens of hoops put in place by the major political parties to maintain their power.

Monday, March 8th, a House Governmental Affairs subcommittee is holding a hearing on H.B.1141. The hearing begins at 2PM in room 605 at the Coverdell Legislative Office Building. This meeting is the first step; a step that all legislation must take before it becomes law.

Voters in Georgia deserve more choice at the ballot box, and H.B.1141 is a way to achieve that.