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08 March 2010

Alisha Thomas Morgan Probably Shouldn't Expect Another GAE Endorsement

The guys at That's Just Peachy point to an article that is sure to get Georgia Association of Educators (GAE) President Jeff Hubbard on the phone asking if state Rep. Alisha Thomas Morgan (D - Austell) has lost her mind.

Morgan, a Democrat, is supporting pay-for-performance --or merit pay as some would call it-- for Georgia's teachers [Downey, Maureen (2010-3-7). State Rep. Alisha Morgan: Performance pay can attract best and brightest teachers. Get Schooled Blog. Retrieved on 2010-3-8.].

Here's what the Cobb County Democrat has to say about merit pay:

As we return to session next week, there is legislation before both the state House and Senate that would continue to fundamentally improve the way we advance education in our state. Gov. Perdue’s “pay for performance” proposal, SB 386, would reward our educators and administrators partially based on the academic growth and achievement of their students, not solely on the number of years they’ve accrued or degrees they’ve earned. This is just one effort that will help our state retain and attract the best and brightest to our classrooms. It will also enhance our current efforts by requiring a uniform evaluation system that tells us that a teacher’s effectiveness in Cobb County is the same as one in Catoosa County.

Macon Telegraph political reporter Travis Fain writes that both the 80,000-member Professional Association of Georgia Educators (PAGE) and the 40,000-member GAE have "major problems" with the plan to pay teachers based on students' performance in the classroom [Fain, Travis (2010-3-7). Teachers upset by Perdue's merit pay plan. Macon Telegraph. Retrieved on 2010-3-8.].

The irony in this story is that the Georgia Association of Educators endorsed Alisha Thomas Morgan's most recent re-election bid. Rep. Morgan probably shouldn't expect GAE's endorsement this year.

So, to sum up, Alisha Thomas Morgan supports merit pay. The teachers will probably oppose merit pay. Morgan received the teachers' endorsement in 2008, but she is not likely to get it in 2010.

The winners and losers, in this little situation, have yet to be determined. Still, if I had to go out on a limb and make a prediction, I'd say that GAE is almost certain to be a loser if Alisha Thomas Morgan wins re-election without their support.