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25 February 2010

What The Cluck?!?! Group Wants Chicken As The State Bird

The following article from WALB-TV (Albany) just proves that some people have way too much time on their hands.

An Augusta group is organizing a movement to try to change the Georgia state bird to the chicken.

The Cornish chicken to be precise.

The Flip the Birds Campaign says the chicken should be the state bird to honor the poultry industry which they say contributes 25-billion dollars annually to the Georgia economy.

Wallace, Jim (2010-2-24). Should chicken be Georgia state bird?. WALB-TV. Retrieved on 2010-2-25.

A chicken as the state bird? Really? I mean really? And what's worse is that the guys running Flip the have embarked on a caustic and inflammatory ad campaign that impugns the integrity of the brown thrasher.

There must be a law against assailing the character of an official state symbol.