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22 February 2010

Quote of the Day: the Georgia TEA Party edition

"We need to reach out to Democrats,” said Naomi Swanson, an organizer of area Tea Party chapters. “And you know what? I think they’re ready. So let’s put that on our list.” [Jones, Jamie (2010-2-20). Tea Party wants to attract more Democrats. Dalton Daily Citizen. Retrieved on 2010-2-22.]

Taxes are nonpartisan. Wait, strike that; taxes are bipartisan. People of all political persuasions are taxed, so the notion that the TEA Party movement is limited to just conservative Republicans is just plain wrong.

We are all affected by excessive government spending, ineffective big government programs and more government intrusion in our everyday lives. Most Americans are taxed enough already, and they're getting fed up (myself included).

If the election were held today, I wouldn't vote for a single incumbent. I think it's time to clean house, and get some new blood in office.

There's a lesson to be learned here from Star Wars, by the way. In the words of Queen Amidala from Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menance, "It is clear to me now that the Republic no longer functions."