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01 February 2010

Quote of the Day: the Barack Obama edition

". . . jobs must be our number one focus in 2010 . . ."

-President Barack Obama

Four years ago, I knew I was voting Mark Taylor for Governor. No one was going to persuade me to cast my vote for anyone else but Mark Taylor. This year, I am undecided. I'm observing every person's campaign and bumping their platform against three major issues:

1.) Jobs;
2.) Transportation; and
3.) Water.

Jobs for Georgians is the critical issue for me this year. Any candidate running for office in November, regardless of partisan affiliation, must have a clear and coherent plan to create jobs for Georgians in order for me to give them even a first look.

Transportation is a very close second. There is no reason why a world-class region like Atlanta should not have a public transit system such as Boston's where there are more cabs out on the street than cars.

Water is right up there with jobs and transportation. Without water, Georgia cannot grow. We need public policies that smartly plans for water usage in Atlanta and around the state as well. Nothing should be off the table, including moving the border north to where it should have been all these years so that Georgia can have access to the Tennessee River.

If there's a gubernatorial candidate out there that effectively demonstrates having a solution to these three major issues, then that's who I'll be voting for.