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17 February 2010

"Pants On The Ground" To Be Honored By The Georgia Senate

"Pants on the ground.
Pants on the ground.
Lookin' like a fool with your pants on the ground.

-General Larry Platt

The Associated Press reports that today, the Georgia State Senate will honor Larry Platt with a resolution recognizing his contributions to civil rights.

The next stop on "American Idol" icon and civil rights activist Gen. Larry Platt's fame tour is the state Capitol.

Platt is being honored by the Georgia Senate for his work during the civil rights movement, continued political activism and his hit song, "Pants on the Ground," which catapulted him into the national spotlight after an appearance on "American Idol" last month, making him an Internet sensation.

Sen. Vincent Fort of Atlanta will present Platt with a Senate resolution on Wednesday.

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And now, for your viewing pleasure, Gen. Larry Platt performing "Pants on the Ground"