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22 February 2010

Note To Legislators: Remember, Teachers Vote Next Fall

Georgia's teachers are angry.

They're upset with the proposed cuts to education as well as the plan to furlough teachers even more this year. And now, Georgia's teachers are taking to the streets.

The controversy over plans to furlough teachers because of state budget cuts heated up on the steps of the state capital Saturday. The Georgia Federation of Teachers organized a rally to protest plans by some school districts to furlough teachers.

The union believes Gov. Sonny Perdue and the rest of the state legislature don't understand how damaging furloughs are to students and teachers. "The students would not be able to get the attention that we give them now," said Gwen Tate, a Fulton County Teacher.

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State Rep. Chuck Sims (R - Ambrose) laid it on the line to legislators more succinctly: