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23 February 2010

Latest Oxendine Email: Almost Everyone Else Can Beat Barnes Too

Monday, Rasmussen Reports released a new poll on the 2010 Georgia gubernatorial election. The survey says that former Gov. Roy Barnes trails three Republican candidates for governor, and ties a fourth [Election 2010: Georgia Governor. Rasmussen Reports. Retrieved on 2010-2-22.].

State Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine used the new numbers to claim momentum for everyone's campaign.

The latest Rasmussen poll should be a great encouragement to each and every one of you who have worked so hard for Karen Handel, Nathan Deal and Eric Johnson. From your donations to volunteer efforts to lending your personal influence, you have helped prove that I am not the only Republican who can beat Barnes.

There. That should preempt every email coming down the pipe claiming the upper hand in this year's gubernatorial election.