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22 February 2010

Jason Shaw Hopes To Keep HD176 Seat In The Family

State Rep. Jay Shaw (D - Lakeland) is stepping down from his long-held House seat to become a member of the state DOT board. His son, Jason Shaw, is stepping up to run for state representative. The only question is whether he can win.

Jason Shaw, 37, announced on Friday his plans to run for his father’s House District 176 seat.

“I’m excited,” he said. “It’s a new challenge, and I hope and pray that it works out. My dad believes I am good and ready. I’m honored to follow in my dad’s footsteps.”

Pope, Jessica (2010-2-19). Jason Shaw to seek House District 176 seat. Valdosta Daily Times. Retrieved on 2010-2-22.

While it would be safe to assume that Jason Shaw is a Democrat like his father, Shaw doesn't actually come out and say what Party he's affiliated with in the article.

He does, however, talk about putting aside "partisan politics" and working together.