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18 February 2010

Georgia Needs Investments In Mass Transit, Savannah Republican Says

State Representative Ron Stephens lives over 200 miles from Atlanta, but even he recognizes that mass transit in the state's capital city is a better solution than building more roada and freeways.

In an op-ed piece appearing in the Savannah Morning News, Stephens suggested that state funding for mass transit is key to Georgia's future economic development.

Atlanta, for instance, is vitally important to tourism and Georgia's convention business, but it's hardly a walkable city. Some road warriors question whether it's even a drivable city.

That's why transit is important to the state's tourism and convention business. To maintain Georgia's competitive edge in attracting tourists and conventions, we must invest in mass transit, not just in Atlanta but across the state.

Georgia is one of the few states in the nation that does not directly fund mass transit. But the time has come to shift our singular focus on road-building to constructing a transit and commuter rail network throughout the state.

Stephens, Ron (2010-2-18). Stephens: Georgia must fund mass transit. Savannah Morning News. Retrieved on 2010-2-18.

It is good for a south Georgia Republican to recognize that fifty new miles of paved asphalt does not constitute a viable transportation plan.