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15 February 2010

DPG Chair: Under GOP, No Progress On Critical Transportation Issues

When she's right, she's right. And Jane Kidd is right.

Sunday, state Democratic Party chairman Jane Kidd took Georgia Republicans to task over their inaction on one of the critical issues facing our state; transportation. In an op-ed piece appearing in the Macon Telegraph, Kidd was very blunt in her assessment:

". . . during the past seven years of Republican control, we have yet to see any progress on resolving our transportation crisis."

The reason Georgia is being left behind is simple: It is a failure of Sonny Perdue and his cohorts to make transportation a priority. While other states are building rails, or in North Carolina’s case, improving existing rails, Georgia is still stuck at the starting line.

It’s a time for solutions, and Georgia’s Republican leadership has come up short again.

As a result, Florida and North Carolina have a significant leg up on us as we try to compete for new business and economic development.

Kidd, Jane (2010-2-14). Georgia goes off the rails. Macon Telegraph. Retrieved on 2010-2-15.

Georgia's status as the capital of the New South is being challenged by Florida and North Carolina, but it doesn't have to be that way.

For years, Georgia made a name for herself by being bold and being visionary. We can be bold again, but only if we make a change in our leadership. Why does Georgia need change? Because (excuse my french) the Republicans ain't doing shit.

It's time for Georgia to be bold again. To paraphrase a wise individual, be bold Georgia and mighty forces will come to your aid.