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16 February 2010

Does Jan Jones Have The Votes To Re-create Milton County?

In Tuesday's Atlanta Journal-Constitution, both Democrats and Republicans agreed that the Milton County legislation would come to the floor for a vote [Tharpe, Jim (2010-2-16). Lawmaker wants to create Milton County. Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Retrieved on 2010-2-16.]. The question though is whether advocates for resurrecting Milton County can get the fifteen votes in the House and four votes in the Senate to place the referendum on the ballot.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that the Milton County can get 120 votes in the Georgia House. If Milton County advocates start with the eleven Democrats that voted for David Ralston to be Speaker, that leaves them four votes shy. Those last four votes can be gotten by inserting a little pork into the budget, allowing a few bills out of committee or some good ol' fashioned arm-twisting.

In the state Senate, the prospects of Milton County passing are a little tougher. The Senate Democratic Caucus is more disciplined than their colleagues in the House. My observation has been that if word goes forth to oppose the bill, then all twenty-two Senate Democrats will oppose the bill.

Honestly, Milton County's best hope is redistricting. If the GOP holds on to the Governor's Mansion, the state House and the state Senate, then they could draw maps that could potentially give them the super-majority they want in the legislature.

I honestly don't see Milton County being on the November ballot this year. Still, can you imagine the political shockwave that will emanate throughout this state in Milton County gets 120 votes in the House?