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12 February 2010

A Cobb County Democrat Offers The Right Solution To Save C-TRAN

There are forty-six days until C-TRAN, Clayton County Transit, shuts down. And elected officials are scrambling to find a solution that will keep the buses running in the south metro Atlanta county.

That's Just points us to a proposal from State Sen. Doug Stoner (D - Smyrna) that I've been advocating all along; let Clayton County vote on joining MARTA.

The State of Georgia has come up with a funding solution: Georgia's Senator Doug Stoner, indicated that a "rider" could be placed on a transportation bill asking that a referendum be called as early as September or November 2010 asking Clayton county voters to approve a 1% sales' tax to join MARTA.

Oliver, L. Clifton (2010-2-11). Saving C-Tran - Georgia's Legislative Black Caucus Meeting. Retrieved on 2010-2-12.

I find it funny (and kinda sad) that a Cobb County Democrat is willing to do something that the Chairman of the Clayton County Legislative Delegation will not.

State Rep. Mike Glanton (D - Ellenwood) said a few months ago that there would be no vote on MARTA in Clayton County even though it is MARTA employees that run C-TRAN [Walker, Andre (2009-12-27). Clayton County Legislator Says No Vote On MARTA Anytime Soon. Georgia Politics Unfiltered. Retrieved on 2010-2-12.].

Lately I've been talking about the need for bold leadership; the need for visionaries. It is shameful that the boldest idea for public transit in Clayton County didn't come from Clayton County. It came from a county way across town.

Sen. Stoner needs to tack his Clayton County MARTA amendment on to the transportation bill, and let the people vote.

As for state Rep. Mike Glanton. . .

. . .Get out your pen and paper, and start taking notes.