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12 February 2010

Black Unemployment: A Real, Honest-to-God Battle

WALB-TV Albany reports disturbing news this morning.

Black unemployment is higher than white unemployment.

The economy has made it hard for many people to make ends meet.

Unemployment numbers show it's even tougher for African-Americans.

The group's unemployment rate is 16.5-percent. That compares with 8.7 percent for whites, and a 9.7 percent overall rate.

Jeffers, Wainwright (2010-2-11). Black unemployment nearly twice that of whites. WALB-TV. Retrieved on 2010-2-12.

I've heard a lot about ethics. I've heard a lot about taxes. I have yet to hear a gubernatorial candidate, from either political party, talk about their plan to put more blacks back to work. So I'm serving notice:

Don't patronize me by trotting out Andrew Young or Joseph Lowery as supporters of your campaign. If you want to impress me, start talking about jobs and your plan to lower the African-American unemployment rate.