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08 January 2010

Westmoreland Tells Obama To Step Into The Real World

Georgia Congressman Lynn Westmoreland posted a guest blog entry on The Hill newspaper's Congress blog that implored President Obama to step into the real world, and tackle terrorism head on.

Below are a few excerpts:

When it comes to dealing with terrorism, such as the attempted airplane attack on Christmas Day, Obama seems to believe in the movie version of reality where the bad guys are always foiled in the end.

But here in the real world, Al Queda has cells across the globe intent on attacking Americans. They’re plotting every minute of every day, and they see it as a war on the United States even if President Obama doesn’t.

I have news for the president: Al Queda chieftains aren’t sitting around the campfire discussing the fine points of U.S. constitutional law and whether the Bill of Rights should apply to a Nigerian who tried to blow up a plane over Detroit.

No, they have a single-minded focus on killing Americans, on planning the next attack. Obama’s constitutional law lectures are aimed at appeasing his leftist supporters here, not Al Queda. The only message we’re sending to Al Queda is: If you mastermind a terrorist plot from, say, Yemen, we’ll try to bomb you with a Predator and you’ll never know what hit you, but if you manage to slip into the United States, we’ll give you a lawyer, a bed and three squares a day. That’s some incentive system.

Westmoreland, Lynn (2010-1-7). Learning foreign policy lessons from a country song. The Hill (Congress blog). Retrieved on 2010-1-8.