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21 January 2010

Westmoreland: Massachusetts Voters Rejected Obama's Liberal Agenda

Tuesday, Republican Scott Brown pulled off what may be the biggest upset in modern political history when he defeated Martha Coakley in the heavily Democratic state of Massachusetts. Brown's win was completely unexpected especially since he campaigned on a conservative platform of opposing the Obama health care plan, lowering taxes and reducing the size of government [Issues. Brown for U.S. Retrieved on 2010-1-21.].

Across the nation, politicians and political observers are reacting to Brown's win.

Some are saying that Scott Brown won because Martha Coakley was a bad candidate. Others, including Georgia Congressman Lynn Westmoreland (R - 3rd district), say that Coakley's defeat was a repudiation of the Democrats' liberal, big government policies.

"In a marriage, one year is the ‘paper anniversary’ where you exchange paper-based gifts," Westmoreland said. "The paper the American people have received is more than $1 trillion in IOUs through deficit spending, and thousands and thousands of pages in big government legislation on energy, health care and the financial system.

"Americans, in fact, are saying loud and clear that they’re tired of these paper gifts after one year. That’s why Massachusetts voters cast their paper ballots yesterday to end the Democrats’ supermajority in the Senate.

"President Obama told us once that we’d remember his presidency as the moment ‘when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal.’ Instead, our nation will remember this time as when our flood of debt became a tsunami of debt, when $800 billion in stimulus spending failed to stimulate, when Americans in search of work wondered how they were going to pay their families’ bills, and when even the most liberal state in the nation rejected a massive agenda of big government programs that our nation simply cannot afford."