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19 January 2010

The Washington Post Asks If Barnes v. Perdue Was The Biggest Political Upset

Today is election day in Massachusetts. And while I wouldn't normally discuss external politics on my blog, the decision by Georgia's Democratic Party to throw its considerable weight behind Martha Coakley has led me to make an exception this one time.

If Republican Scott Brown defeats Democrat Martha Coakley, then Brown's win will almost certainly be counted among the nation's biggest political upsets. Until the election results come in, however, we are left to wonder about other big political upsets.

Washington Post political reporter Chris Cillizza asks, "What is the biggest upset of modern political history?"

Listed among the choices presented to readers of "The Fix" is Gov. Perdue's upset victory over Roy Barnes in 2002.

Barnes' defeat is a lock for the top ten political upsets of the modern era.

Georgia's former governor raised $20 million, led in all the polls and on top of that, a Democrat had not lost a Georgia gubernatorial election in over 130 years.

Perdue's victory ushered in a new era of GOP dominance in the Peach State culminating in 2004 when the Republicans took control of the General Assembly and claimed both U.S. Senate seats.

But, does Barnes v. Perdue rank as the biggest upset in modern political history?

The Washington Post has a poll up where you can vote on the answer to that question. Click here to vote and see the results.