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12 January 2010

Tom Price To GOP: It's Never Too Late To Get It Back

In case y'all didn't know, we've got ourselves an election this fall and the Republican Party wants to get back what they lost in Congress; the majority. Georgia Congressman Tom Price (R - Roswell) offered some advice Monday for his fellow party members to consider as they gear up for the campaign.

Recapturing the more than three dozen seats needed for a Republican majority is an enormous task. However, with the American people starved for leadership and solutions, and a team able to provide both, nothing is out of reach.

To set the stage for a 2010 victory, first, Republicans must stay on offense.

In the coming months, Republicans must lay out a new agenda for the American people. This platform must speak to the real challenges people are facing and the policies that will help solve these problems.

Just as our solutions need not be limited to base Republican issues, neither should our communications be limited to traditional Republican constituencies. The solutions we propose benefit all Americans, so we should embrace opportunities to present them to all Americans, including younger voters, the African American, Hispanic, and Jewish communities, and so many others.

If we are to bring conservatism back to the Capitol, Republicans must embrace all who are committed to those common principles, including the Tea Party movement. The energy, enthusiasm, and commitment they exhibit are virtually unprecedented and should inspire us to champion our roots.

Price, Tom (2010-1-11). How the GOP gets its mojo back. The Hill (Congress blog). Retrieved on 2010-1-12.

If one word could describe the optimism Congressman Price holds about the GOP's prospects of re-claiming the majority, it would be the word engraved on the side of Georgia tennis player Melanie Oudin's sneaker -- "Believe".