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14 January 2010

Thurmond Could Be Competitive Against Cagle

A report by the Associated Press Wednesday said that Labor Commissioner Michael Thurmond is considering a run for Lt. Governor [Associated Press (2010-1-13). Thurmond weighing run for lieutenant governor. WFXL-TV. Retrieved on 2010-1-14.].

Thurmond says while he is currently focused on his labor duties, he is "weighing his options" and "will make a decision soon" about whether to jump into the race.

Michael Thurmond, I believe, is a strong Lt. Governor candidate for the Democrats.

Thurmond is a proven vote getter. In 2006, Thurmond received 1,127,182 votes in his re-election bid. Cagle got 1,134,517 votes. That's a difference of 7,335 votes. And that is a close election.

According to campaign finance disclosures, Thurmond raised $721,122.00 for the year 2009. That figure demonstrates an ability to be competitive with Lt. Governor Casey Cagle in the all important money race.

Thurmond's strength is jobs and the economy. If he chooses to run, Thurmond can talk about how he has modernized the Labor Commissioner's office; and how he plans to focus on putting Georgians back to work as Lt. Governor.

If Michael Thurmond decides to run for Lt. Governor, he could very well pull off an upset this November. But Thurmond must decide soon because the money is drying up out there.