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14 January 2010

South Georgia City Says They Forgot To Hold Elections

Located in Sumter County, the small south Georgia city of De Soto is in a heap of trouble with the Secretary of State for not performing a function essential to maintaining a stable democracy -- holding elections.

Two members of the city council in a small Sumter County town weren't actually elected to those posts.

No one in the city realized they were supposed to hold an election last year.

"We just forgot it, that's the only thing that happened we just forgot it," said Addie Cutts, City of DeSoto Councilwoman.

Councilwoman Cutts told WALB the state gave them until March to hold the election.

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The city of De Soto has a population of 214. It is quite interesting that none, not one of the municipality's residents remembered that they needed to hold elections for their city council seats.