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29 January 2010

Six Georgia Lawmakers Sign National Letter For Clean Energy Jobs Legislation

The Coalition of Legislators for Energy Action Now (CLEAN), a national bipartisan group of state legislators working closely with the White House to pass federal clean energy jobs legislation, sent a letter to members of the United States Senate today pressing for urgent action on pending clean energy jobs and climate change legislation. The letter, signed by 1,198 state lawmakers from both parties and 49 states, is the clearest indication yet of broad-based, grassroots support for common sense energy reform legislation that will:

  • Strengthen America's national security by cutting dependence on foreign oil;

  • Grow jobs and economic opportunity to every state in the nation; and

  • Protect the environment by major reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

State Representatives Debbie Buckner, Pat Gardner, Margaret Kaiser, Stephanie Stuckey-Benfield, Brian Thomas and state Senator Nan Orrock all signed the letter that was sent to President Obama as well as congressional leaders from both parties.

CLEAN says their members, including Republicans and Democrats, will continue working in their respective states and on Capitol Hill to urge final passage of strong federal energy reforms that will create jobs, cut emissions, and reduce America's dependence on foreign oil.