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22 January 2010

Richmond Co. Democratic Party Chair Calls Coakley A "Weak Candidate"

Notwithstanding the fact that U.S. Senator-elect Scott Brown (R - Massachusetts) campaigned on a platform of lowering taxes, reducing the size of government and opposing the Obama health care plan, local Democratic leader Lowell Greenbaum says Martha Coakley is to blame for her own defeat.

In a letter to the Augusta Chronicle Friday, Greenbaum writes, "Did the Democrats take a beating in Massachusetts? Yes they did. When you put together a weak candidate, a poor campaign, a state that already has health care, a complicated health-care bill from Congress and add some scandals in the Massachusetts State House, the result is what occurred.

"We have in Barack Obama a president who is resilient. Upon taking office he was faced with the legacy of a terrible war deficit from George W. Bush, a banking failure and rising unemployment. Yet, he has accomplished much despite Republican opposition almost to the person." [Greenbaum, Lowell (2010-1-22). Massachusetts setback won't deter Dems. Augusta Chronicle. Retrieved on 2010-1-22.]

While it is true that President Obama inherited a lot of problems from his predecessor, leaders don't sit around pointing fingers. Leaders lead.

At what time do you stop blaming others and take personal responsibility for your own actions. It is almost like the frequent refrain I hear from blacks when they sit around and start blaming the white man for all their problems. Just like blacks can only blame the white man for so much, Democrats can only blame former President George W. Bush for so much too. Eventually the Democrats must begin to take personal responsibility for their own failures, and realize that moving the country further and further to the left is a recipe for electoral defeat.

President Obama and the Democrats can still turn this thing around, but it will require a new focus on jobs, a reduction in spending and a fulfillment of campaign promises such as shining a bright light on government using the cameras of C-SPAN.

Liberal, big government policies just won't do it.