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20 January 2010

Republican Liz Carter Hopes To Represent 4th District In Congress

There's a lot of excitement in Georgia's 4th congressional district.

Former DeKalb County CEO Vernon Jones and current DeKalb County Commissioner Connie Stokes have both announced they are challenging incumbent Hank Johnson in the July 20th Democratic primary.

Now, a Republican has thrown her hat in the ring.

Liz Carter is the only Republican running against U.S. Rep. Hank Johnson.

On Saturday, Carter announced her campaign to the Rockdale County Republican Party.

“As the Democratic ticket fills up, we’re seeing all of these people who have contributed to the status quo and the decline in recent years,” Carter told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Tuesday.

“I’m a businesswoman,” she said. “I know how to be accountable and fiscally responsible. It’s about simple common sense. We don’t have that in DC today.”

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Liz Carter faces an uphill climb. CQ Politics rates the 4th district "safely Democratic." But God bless Liz Carter for running because it takes a lot of courage and chutzpah to put your name on the ballot and submit yourself to a grueling campaign.