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09 January 2010

Rep. Chambers Suggests She'll Have No Problem Raising Money

Friday at midnight marked the deadline for candidates to file their December 31st campaign finance disclosures with the State Ethics Commission.

In House District 81, Democrat Elena Parent boasted a campaign war chest of $74,208.

"I’m so grateful to all the people who have stepped up to support my campaign," Parent said. "Successful political campaigns need to have both the ability to raise money and spend it wisely. I will continue to run a campaign that does both."

State Rep. Jill Chambers (R - Atlanta) reported significantly less than her Democratic opponent. The four-term state Representative raised a total of $16,390.94and currently has $15,559.95 left in the bank.

When asked about the seemingly lopsided fundraising totals in her district, Chambers said she's never had a problem raising money.

The DeKalb County Republican explained that her campaign cash is low because she's busy attending to the needs of her district while also focusing on the business of the MARTOC committee that she leads.

"She's being a candidate," Chambers said of Parent. "And I'm being a state representative. I will be a campaigner in full force after the session."

The annual legislative session begins Monday and is expected to last until at least the middle of March. Once the General Assembly adjourns for the year, the 2010 election begins in earnest with lawmakers heading home to campaign for re-election.

In what could be a sign of a particularly nasty campaign later this year, Parent launched an attack claiming that Chambers has forgotten about the families in the 81st district, instead looking out for her "corporate friends."

Chambers dismissed Parent's criticisms as "campaign rhetoric."