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04 January 2010

Presenting The Georgia Blue Dog Coalition

It is almost certain that liberals will quickly criticize the moderates and conservatives that have created the Georgia Blue Dog Coalition on Facebook as Democrats In Name Only or "DINOs". But counted among this group's members are state Representative Alan Powell (D - Hartwell), Albany City Council Member Roger Marietta and Georgia Association of Educators (GAE) President Jeff Hubbard.

Blue Dogs are Democrats that hold to traditional, moderate-to-conservative-views on certain issues based upon deeply held personal, cultural or religious beliefs, and may otherwise be Progressive and Populist, but have been “choked blue” by increasing Party opposition to these views.

In short, Blue Dogs are constantly working to ensure that the modern Democratic Party does not become infested with the ideologues that have driven the Republican Party further and further to the right.

Georgia Democratic Congressmen John Barrow, Sanford Bishop, Jim Marshall and David Scott count themselves as part of the national Blue Dog Coalition.

Fiscal responsibility and a strong national defense are both values that describe Blue Dog Democrats. And on every important issue of the day, including health care reform, Blue Dog proposals have served as middle-ground markers which laid the foundation for the bipartisanship necessary to bring about those fundamental reforms.