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04 January 2010

Oxendine "Stop Obama" Web Page Gets National Attention

There are just under 200 days until the July 20th Republican primary, and State Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine is hoping that a campaign against President Barack Obama will help him gain the Georgia GOP gubernatorial nomination.

An article appearing on Monday features Oxendine's web page as an example of Republicans attempting to turn the 2010 elections into a referendum on Obama's first eighteen months in office.

The health care reform bill is proving to be an especially rich vein for mining. In Georgia, state Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine has turned Obama’s push for health care reform into a rallying point for his campaign by launching “,” a site that allows supporters to sign a petition protesting “a government takeover of our nation’s health care system.”

“With your help we can stand up to President Obama and the power grabbing, free market destroying Congress. From centralized control of banking, automaking, and now health care, Obama’s and Congress’ plan for America is a prescription for disaster,” reads the website, which features a picture of Obama that dominates the screen, accompanied by large, attention-grabbing block letters.

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Whether Oxendine's strategy will work is up for discussion.

The most recent Rasmussen Reports poll on the 2010 race for the GOP gubernatorial nomination says most Georgia Republicans want anyone but Oxendine.

Still, it is hard to deny that Oxendine isn't getting a lot of mileage from running against Obama.