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22 January 2010

Oxendine Email: Only I Can Beat Barnes

Yesterday, Rasmussen Reports released a new poll that showed former Governor Roy Barnes locked in a tight race with whomever the Georgia GOP gubernatorial nominee may be [Election 2010: Georgia Governor. Rasmussen Reports. Retrieved on 2010-1-22.].

State Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine used the new numbers to claim momentum for his campaign.

The latest Rasmussen poll should be a great encouragement to each and every one of you who have worked so hard for John Oxendine. From your donations to volunteer efforts to lending your personal influence, you have helped solidify our lead.

Rasmussen, a popular national pollster often featured on Fox News and the Sean Hannity Show, released poll results Thursday showing that only John Oxendine defeats Roy Barnes in a match up that pits the popular State Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner against former Governor Roy Barnes.

According to the release, “John Oxendine, Georgia’s fire and insurance commissioner, picks up 44% of the vote while Barnes gets 42% in that match-up.”

Here's the thing though: both former Secretary of State Karen Handel and 9th district Congressman Nathan Deal only trail Barnes by a single point. In addition, with neither the Democrats nor the Republicans cracking 50% in the Rasmussen poll, a run-off would likely happen if the election were held today.

Despite the Oxendine campaign's proclamations, the only thing these new numbers tell me is that we're going to see a very competitive campaign in Georgia this year.