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28 January 2010

New Poll Says Hank Johnson Holds Dominating Lead Over Opponents

Thursday afternoon, the office of Congressman Hank Johnson released a polling memo that described the two-term U.S. Representative in a "dominating position" for the July 20th Democcratic primary.

According to the memo, Johnson begins his re-election campaign three points shy of the the 50% needed to avoid a run-off. In head-to-head match-ups, Johnson beats former DeKalb County CEO by forty points; and DeKalb County Commissioner Connie Stokes by thirty-nine points.

Below is the full text of the memo by polling group Lake Research Partners:

To: Interested Parties

From: Celinda Lake, David Mermin, and Zach Young - Lake Research Partners

Subject: Recent Polling Data from Georgia’s 4th Congressional District

Date: January 28, 2010

The new Lake Research Partners survey of likely Democratic Primary voters in Georgia’s 4th Congressional District1 shows Congressman Hank Johnson in a dominating position in this year’s upcoming primary. Johnson has a +28 point lead in a four candidate field including Vernon Jones, Connie Stokes, and Lee May.

Johnson is very well liked across demographic groups, and two thirds of primary voters believe he is doing an excellent or good job. Johnson should have no trouble winning his party’s nomination in July’s primary election.

On the full four way ballot, Johnson has more support than all of his opponents combined, and he is already only 3 points away from the simple majority necessary to avoid a runoff. Johnson begins the primary season with 47% of the vote, followed by Vernon Jones with 19%, Connie Stokes with 12%, and Lee May with 5%. Fifteen percent of voters remain undecided.

In head to head matchups, Johnson easily defeats his two closest challengers. Against Vernon Jones, Johnson wins 64% of the vote to Jones’s 24% – a +40 point margin. Against Connie Stokes, Johnson wins 61% of the vote to Stokes’s 22% -- a +39 point margin.

Johnson is well liked, and Democratic primary voters are satisfied with the job he is doing as their representative. Seventy percent have a favorable opinion of Johnson, and 66% believe he is doing an excellent or good job.

President Obama remains extremely popular among Democratic voters in the 4th District. The president’s favorability rating is a sky high 96% and 92% believe he is doing an excellent or good job.

1 These findings are based on 400 telephone interviews with a random sample of likely 2010 Democratic Primary voters in Georgia’s 4th Congressional District. Interviews were conducted from January 14-20, 2010. Sampling error is +/- 4.9%.