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07 January 2010

National Publication Hails Good Customer Service From Georgia State Government

With all the not-so-good news emanating from state government these days, it is a fresh breath of air when Georgia is applauded for its approach to running the state.

Craig Newmark of The Hill, a newspaper that covers Congress, took time out Tuesday to recognize the "good customer service from Georgia state employees".

Looks like the state employees and Gov. Sonny Perdue of Georgia have made a big difference in customer service. This story isn't getting out, and it should, it's really impressive. I'll try to tell their story.

Several years ago, like in many companies, they found that many employees were cynical, beat down by the system and didn't seem to care (because no one cared about their opinion or what they were doing). I hear now that Georgia state employees are very engaged, and PROUD of what they're accomplishing.

Newmark, Craig (2010-1-5). Good customer service from Georgia state employees. The Hill. Retrieved on 2010-1-7.

It's good to see the dollars of Georgia's taxpayers being put to good use. Good job guys.