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05 January 2010

Libertarian Takes Gubernatorial Campaign To Albany

Two years ago, John Monds made history becoming the first Libertarian to get over a million votes in a statewide election. Now, Monds is trying to make history again as Georgia's first Libertarian governor.

Monds, a 1987 graduate from Morehouse College, started 2010 out on the campaign trail taking his message to the southwest Georgia city of Albany.

Libertarian candidate for Georgia governor, John Monds, spoke to the southwest Georgia chapter Saturday.

Monds spoke about his top issues which include the economy, education and tax reform. He mentioned that, if elected, he hopes to eliminate the state income tax.

“I believe, economically, it makes good sense to let people keep the money that they're already earning. I think they make better decisions than the government does of how they should spend it,” Said Monds Saturday.

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Monds is currently the only person vying for the Libertarian Party of Georgia's gubernatorial nomination. The state Libertarian Party nominates its statewide candidates by the convention method rather than the primary process used by the Democratic and Republican parties.