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07 January 2010

It Is Never OK To Use Gov't Resources For Partisan Purposes

Macon City Council member Elaine Lucas has found herself in hot water after an email announcing a Roy Barnes' fundraiser was sent using a government account at her behest.

Acting for Lucas, Dorothy Tuggle, an assistant clerk for the city council, sent out an announcement Wednesday for a Thursday-night Barnes event in east Macon. The announcement went out from a city email address, containing Tuggle's name and title.

Tuggle said she didn't know whether it was legal to send out the announcement through the council office.

"It's a press release that she sent and asked me to send to the news media," she said.

O'Donnell, Bernard (2010-1-6). Lucas: Using City Email for Announcement Was Mistake. WMAZ-TV. Retrieved on 2010-1-7.

It is never OK to use government resources for any partisan, political purpose. And the excuse provided by Assistant City Council Clerk Dorothy Tuggle should be unacceptable to any Maconite learning about this incident.

As for Elaine Lucas, someone ought to inquire as to whether she violated the city's code of ethics when she requested Tuggle send out the Barnes campaign press release.