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12 January 2010

GOP Attorney General Candidate Claims Momentum After Raising $65,000

After posting fundraising figures that showed his campaign raising $65,285.00 by the end of 2009, Republican Attorney General candidate Max Wood claimed vital momentum for his candidacy.

Wood announced his candidacy in August of 2009 prior to going on a six week tour of duty in Washington D.C. at the National Guard Bureau. His fundraising efforts began in mid October.

"I am not an established politician, unlike my opponent. Many people are meeting me for the first time on the campaign trail. They seem to appreciate the strong qualifications I would bring to the office of Attorney General. The people of Georgia are hungry for real leadership and I believe I am the candidate best suited for the office of Attorney General," Wood said.

Wood's campaign says their current contributors include former United States Attorneys, Sheriffs and other law enforcement officials, four retired two star Generals and a former major league baseball player. The Wood camp also says that they've been able to gather support from numerous Democrats as well, even though the candidate himself is a conservative Republican.

"I am a Republican through and through, but if I am elected Attorney General, I also have a responsibility to be non-political when dealing with matters of the state," Wood said. He points to his stint as United States Attorney as an example of how he will conduct himself in office.