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28 January 2010

Gingrey Reacts To State Of The Union

Congressman Phil Gingrey released the following statement in response to the President's State of the Union address:

“In tonight’s speech, the President spoke – once again – about his desire to create jobs, control spending, and work with Republicans. All three of these things are noble goals – unfortunately, to this point, these promises have proved nothing but empty rhetoric. Our economy has lost over 3 million jobs in the last year despite a $787 billion so-called ‘stimulus’ bill that was supposed to create 3 million jobs and stymie the rising unemployment rate. We are spending money at record levels – increasing the national debt by 23 percent to over $12 trillion and our annual federal deficit by 308 percent to $1.4 trillion. And, on every major piece of legislation this Congress considered in the last year, Republicans were shut out of the discussion.

“Hope springs eternal and maybe this time, whether because of a change of heart or a change in the political landscape, the President will follow through on what he is promising. Our country needs strong leadership and a Congress and Administration that is willing to support American families through job creation, responsible spending, and lower taxes – particularly for small businesses. Republicans, myself included, stand ready to work with the President if he is serious about creating jobs, controlling spending, and working in a bipartisan fashion.

“However, we also cannot ignore reality. Thus far, despite tonight’s attempt to pretend otherwise, the President has failed to deliver on these promises – much to the detriment of our nation.”