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17 January 2010

Georgia's Democratic Party Making Phone Calls For Massachusetts Candidate

In Massachusetts, Democrat Martha Coakley is locked in a tight battle with Republican Scott Brown for the U.S. Senate seat formerly held by the late Ted Kennedy.

The national Democratic Party is funneling resources into the race to keep the seat in Democratic hands; spending millions on TV ads, mailers and paid staffers in a final push to get out the vote for the January 19th special election.

Georgia's Democratic Party is following suit, lending its phone lines and volunteers to the Coakley campaign.

In an email Saturday, the state Democratic Party urged its supporters to participate in a phone bank for Martha Coakley.

"We are having a phone bank TOMORROW (Sunday) at the Democratic Party of Georgia to call Massachusetts voters and encourage people to vote this Tuesday for Martha Coakley. We will have a 1-4pm shift and a 4-8pm shift. Any time that you can give- from a half hour to all day- will be extremely important to getting Martha Coakley elected to the US Senate," the email read.

If the Democratic Party of Georgia is calling on volunteers to help in a Massachussetts election, then that race must be extremely close (or the Democratic candidate is in extremely bad shape).