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25 January 2010

Even With More Police Funding, Crime Continues Rise In South Fulton

In an email last month to residents of south Fulton County, Commissioner Bill Edwards touted a January, 2009 vote by the Board of Commissioners that included an additional $1.3 million for police in unincorporated south Fulton County. According to Edwards, the new funding would fill nearly two dozen vacant positions in the police department.

However, a new report from CBS Atlanta seems to suggest that even with the increased police funding, crime continues to rise in the only area of the county where the Fulton County Police Dept. has jurisdiction.

A victim, whose home was broken into four times, wants to know what police are doing to keep her safe.

Gilliam lives in Fairburn in South Fulton County. She's frustrated and feels the police are not doing enough to keep her neighborhood safe.

"I'm just really not satisfied with the police protection and I know that they are understaffed. What am I suppose to do about that? I just wrote a check for my property taxes," Gilliam said.

McNary, Tony (2010-1-22). Crime Has Crippled A South Fulton County Community. WGCL-TV. Retrieved on 2010-1-25.

I know Lula Gilliam well.

I attended the same high school as her daughter, and Ms. Gilliam is a very intelligent lady who is very involved in her community.

It's a shame that Gilliam's home has been burglarized four times. Even more shameful is the fact that Commissioner Bill Edwards seems oblivious to the reality that good things are not happening in south Fulton.

Crime is on the rise. Unemployment is on the rise. Property taxes are on the rise. But if you believe the emails from south Fulton's county commissioner, everything is hunky-dory.

Someone needs to run against that nut and get him out of office.