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09 January 2010

DuBose Porter: "I am very pleased with our fundraising efforts."

The gubernatorial campaign of Democrat DuBose Porter released the following statement regarding their December 31st campaign finance report:

"I am very pleased with our fundraising efforts. There are two types of campaigns. One is a big money campaign where the candidate sits in a room and dials for dollars. The second is a grassroots campaign where the candidate gets out and creates a dialogue with the people. When I look at past campaigns where grassroots candidates defeated big money candidates, we are actually a little ahead in the ratio of money to our largest competitor. In Georgia, history proves that grassroots beats big money. I have chosen to run a grassroots campaign. I never expected to have the most money. What I do have are the best volunteers and supporters, and I thank them for their hard work and dedication. It will be people, not dollars, that cast the votes, and I believe the people want a candidate who will not only hear their voices, but be their voice."