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14 January 2010

Barnes Hits Opponents (And They Hit Back)

Wednesday, Roy Barnes criticized gubernatorial candidates from both parties for taking $93,771 worth of football and basketball tickets from Georgia and Georgia Tech lobbyists. Barnes said, "It sends a bad signal for legislators and governors to come down here, living high on the hog and seeing championship games and everything else, and not pay. Let them pay." [Aued, Blake (2010-1-14). Barnes blasts tickets as lobbying tool. Athens Banner-Herald. Retrieved on 2010-1-14.].

Barnes' comments kicked off a round of rebuttals that could only be described as the equivalent of the scene from the Family Guy Star Wars parody "Something, Something, Something Dark Side" where a rebel pilot attempts taking on the entire Imperial fleet only to be blasted out of the sky.

Here's a sample of what was said by Democrat and Republican gubernatorial hopefuls:

"For Roy Barnes to pretend that he, as Governor, walked into Sanford Stadium like a normal person without perks or special treatment is laughable," [Eric]Johnson's campaign manager, Ben Fry, said in an e-mail.

"Roy should leave talk of ethics to those with a shred of credibility on the issue," [Karen Handel spokesman Dan]McLagan said.

Barnes "has taken more money from special interests than anyone in the history of the state," [DuBose]Porter said, referring to the $20 million Barnes spent on his failed 2002 re-election campaign and $2.7 million he raised last year to return to the governor's mansion.

"When Roy was Governor, state universities gave away tickets, but now he attacks others for accepting the same tickets he used to give away," [Thurbert Baker campaign manager Jeff]DiSantis wrote in an e-mail. "As usual, Roy thinks the rules are different for him."

Roy Barnes has a big bulls-eye painted on his back right now. His opponents, even members of his own party, are out for blood.