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10 January 2010

Barnes, Baker, Poythress Miss GA Black Chamber of Commerce Prayer Breakfast

A person that attended the twelfth annual Georgia Black Chamber of Commerce legislative prayer breakfast Saturday says that of the five Democrats running for governor, only two --Carl Camon and DuBose Porter-- made an appearance at the event.

Invitations to the event featured the headshots of gubernatorial candidates Thurbert Baker, Roy Barnes, Jeff Chapman, DuBose Porter, David Poythress and Austin Scott under the headline "Candidates confirmed."

Poythress Communications Director Trevor Southerland said that the recent winter weather kept David Poythress from the breakfast.

"Due to ice on the street where he lives that morning, the decision was made not to risk trying to drive," Southerland said. "The Black Chamber of Commerce was notified that [Poythress] would be unable to attend because of road conditions, and General Poythress looks forward to attending future events of the Georgia Black Chamber of Commerce."

The tipster said that in addition to Camon and Porter, Republican gubernatorial candidates John Oxendine and Austin Scott attended the event along with Democratic Attorney General candidate Ken Hodges.