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08 December 2009

Strippers, Nudity, Tips Ok'd In Forest Park

In the south metro city of Forest Park, the city council narrowly repealed a ban on nudity and tips for strippers within the municipality's borders.

The Forest Park city council approved an amendment Monday that throws out the rules banning nudity and tipping. By a vote of three to two, the city council changed the law to bring back nudity and tipping for exotic dancers.

Earlier this year, the council banned tipping, placed new lighting restrictions on dancers and prohibited alcohol from being served at adult entertainment clubs.

Franco, George (2009-12-7). Forest Park Overturns Nudity, Tips Law. WAGA-TV. Retrieved on 2009-12-8.

Obviously, the Forest Park ordinance was designed to drive local strip clubs like the Pink Pony South out of business. The adult entertainment establishments responded with a lawsuit against the city to the tune of $70 million while also alleging that the statute was unconstitutional [Hall, Joel (2009-12-4). Forest Park weighs new adult ordinance. Henry Daily Herald. Retrieved on 2009-12-8.].

Let that be a lesson to municipalities across Georgia. Fighting strippers and strip club owners is folly. Women (and men) should be able to dance in the nude for money. And by the way, the human body is a work of art. There is nothing wrong with viewing a little art every now and then.