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07 December 2009

Ralph Hudgens: I Want To Continue Oxendine's Good Work

State Senator Ralph Hudgens (R - Hull) says if he becomes Georgia's next Insurance Commissioner, he'll continue the "good work" done by incumbent John Oxendine. Hudgens, who chairs the Senate Insurance & Labor Committee, is one of ten candidates that have filed papers with the State Ethics Commission to begin raising money for a possible campaign in 2010.

Republican candidate Ralph Hudgens is currently a Senator in the 47th District near Athens, Georgia. He's served in the Senate for 7 years, the House for 6, and General Assembly for 13 years.

"I think you need somebody with experience who understands the industry that has that legislative experience and has the real world business experience to step in and take that position," said Ralph Hudgens, Insurance Commissioner Candidate (R).

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According to campaign finance reports, Hudgens raised $80,700 during the first half of 2009 for his Insurance Commissioner bid.