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14 December 2009

Paul Broun: Majority Of Americans Don't Want Federally Subsidized Abortions

10th district Republican Congressman Paul Broun posted an entry on The Hill's Congress blog discussing the Senate's recent vote not to place rigid limits on federal abortion funding [Lightman, David (2009-12-8). Senate rejects bid to put strict limits on abortion funding. Miami Herald. Retrieved on 2009-12-14.].

Broun said the move by the U.S. Senate, which passed 54 - 45 (both Georgia Senators voted no), was immoral.

The vast majority of America does not want the federal government to subsidize abortions. Unfortunately, that message has not reached the U.S. Senate, which took a step towards overturning more than thirty years of public policy - policy which has been supported by Americans on both sides of the issue.

In September, President Barack Obama stated that he would not support a health care plan that subsidizes abortions. Just last month, House leadership barely passed its health care experiment, which at least included the Stupak-Pitts Amendment, continuing the ban on taxpayer subsidized abortions. Without this amendment, the House bill would have failed. Unfortunately, when the Senate considered a similar amendment, it was voted down. This is both immoral and inexcusable.

Broun, Paul (2009-12-11). Senate's vote against the Pro-Life Amendment was immoral. Congress Blog (The Hill). Retrieved on 2009-12-14.

Pro-life advocates still remain hopeful that federal abortion funding restrictions will be put back in the health care reform bill.