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22 December 2009

Oxendine: We're Winning (even though a single vote hasn't been cast)

Monday, Republican gubernatorial candidate John Oxendine claimed victory in the 2010 primary even though a single ballot has yet to be cast by Georgia voters.

Writes Oxendine in a campaign email:


Ivy and I want to express our personal thanks and appreciation for your support of the campaign. We are winning – because of you!

You are the reason we have been blessed to have a minimum two to one lead in every independent poll and have been the only Republican defeating Roy Barnes in independent polls. I am very thankful for your leadership and support!

To quote Fox News personality Bill O'Reilly, John Oxendine, the spin stops here.

The independent poll Oxendine cites shows that a majority of Republicans want anybody but "The Ox" to be their gubernatorial nominee. There are questions about Oxendine's ethics, particularly whether "The Ox" used the state Insurance Commissioner's office to shake down insurance companies for campaign contriburions. And in general, Oxendine just seems smarmy.

"The Ox" continues to show his arrogance with emails touting a win months before the July, 2010 primary. Here's hoping GOP voters will put "The Ox" out to pasture next year.