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22 December 2009

Note to Georgia Dems: Get Your Story Straight

Last week, the House Republican Caucus nominated state Representative David Ralston to be the next Speaker of the Georgia House. The state Democratic Party reacted negatively to the GOP's pick describing Ralston as yet another "rotten apple in the Republican caucus" [Aued, Blake (2009-12-17). Dems: Ralston no improvement over Richardson. Blake Aued's Blog. Retrieved on 2009-12-22.].

Funny thing is, within a few days of Georgia Democratic Party chairman Jane Kidd grouping David Ralston with the "culture of corruption" that's taken hold under the Gold Dome, two prominent Democrats had good words for the Blue Ridge Republican.

Former state Representative and House Judiciary Committee chair Tom Bordeaux (D - Savannah) gave the Atlanta Journal-Constitution this juicy little nugget:

“He’s absolutely the best choice Republicans could make to try to get themselves on the right path,” said former state Rep. Tom Bordeaux, a Savannah Democrat who served with Ralston. “He’s honest, he’s not a philanderer and he’s bright. He’s solid."

Salzer, James (2009-12-21). New House speaker seen as steady hand. Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Retrieved on 2009-12-22.

And House Democratic Leader DuBose Porter (who also sits on the state Democratic Party's executive committee) told Macon Telegraph reporter Travis Fain that Ralston is a "trusted member of the Georgia House."

"(Ralston is) a good lawyer," Porter said Friday. "He’s a trusted member of the Georgia House. I think the skills he’ll bring to the job will be something that will be something that Georgia wants, because I think that he’ll bring a cooperative style to that office, rather than combative or partisan." [Fain, Travis (2009-12-19). Local legislators optimistic about new speaker-to-be. Macon Telegraph. Retrieved on 2009-12-22.]

On the campaign trail, the constant refrain often heard is stay on message. It's never a good thing when seemingly contradictory statements are coming from a campaign, candidate or political party. Either David Ralston is an excellent pick for Georgia House Speaker or he's a corrupt S.O.B. The Democrats can't have it both ways.

Are we supporting Ralston or opposing him?

The conflicting statements from leaders of Georgia's Democratic Party seem very Kerry-esque; and it is very confusing to activists longing for a good fight with the GOP.