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09 December 2009

Newly Elected Warner Robins Mayor Gets Hefty Pay Raise

File this in the "To the victor goes the spoils" folder.

Chuck Shaheen, the newly elected mayor of Warner Robins, recently got some good news from the middle Georgia city's governing body. He'll be getting a $50,000 raise.

Warner Robins Mayor-elect Chuck Shaheen may not know what the next four years will bring, but at least he knows how much he will get paid.

Shaheen called it a relief that council confirmed the salary at $100,000 after three months of debate. It was a possibility that Shaheen would collect a salary of $50,000. That is how much the city's mayor earned before January 2008.

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To put the Warner Robins mayor's salary in perspective, the 2000 census says Warner Robins has a population of 48,804. The Lt. Governor of Georgia, who represents the entire state, now earns less than the Mayor of Warner Robins.