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16 December 2009

"Loophole" Larry O'Neal Says Blame Bobby Kahn For My Ethical Lapses

Remember this ad from the 2006 gubernatorial campaign?

"Loophole" Larry O'Neal (R - Perry) does, and apparently so do members of the House Republican Caucus deciding whether to elevate the Houston County state Representative to the post of Speaker of the House.

In a letter appearing on the political blog Peach Pundit, O'Neal goes to great lengths explaining his involvement in getting Gov. Sonny Perdue a sweetheart, $100,000 tax break during the waning hours of the 2005 legislative session.

Writes O'Neal:

Since Friday, one of my opponents has attacked me in the caucus for tax legislation I sponsored in 2005. That legislation came to involve Gov. Perdue and was the basis of an ethics complaint filed by Bobby Kahn and his minions.

For three years, the Democrats have harassed me and Gov. Perdue about this tax issue. Bobby Kahn got a Democrat activist to file an ethics complaint against me.

Kahn vowed to get the IRS to audit the matter. What you do not know is that Kahn succeeded. An IRS audit was conducted after the election. The IRS sent a team of federal auditors to conduct a full forensic audit of every aspect of this land issue transaction. It was a multi-week, full-blown, on-site examination.

Being unable to discuss this matter until now, I have relied upon my good name to defend me. That was enough until this campaign, but the climate of fear in our caucus created by the unprecedented events of recent days has unsettled us all, and one of my opponents has played on this climate by using this baseless charge from Bobby Kahn to try to defeat me in a Republican leadership election. His attacks have succeeded in getting the blogs and newspapers to rehash this story.

O'Neal, Larry (2009-12-15). Letter from Larry O’Neal. Peach Pundit. Retrieved on 2009-12-16.

If "Loophole" Larry is to believed, former state Democratic Party chairman Bobby Kahn is to blame for everything.

State Representative Larry O'Neal used his public office to get his good friend Sonny Perdue a $100,000 tax break, but O'Neal says blame Bobby.

Representative O'Neal had an ethics complaint filed against him because of his secret, backroom deal with the Governor, but again O'Neal says blame Bobby.

The Internal Revenue Service audited Larry O'Neal, but who's to blame? You guessed it -- Bobby Kahn.

And if Larry O'Neal isn't elected Speaker of the House, who will he blame? Bobby Kahn.

With all due respect to the distinguished gentleman from Houston County, Larry O'Neal's logic is just loopy.